5 Packing Essentials for Walt Disney World

You ever do this, you are preparing for a trip and somehow you end up with 50 outfits for 5 days?  Guilty!  It's so easy to overthink your packing and in turn getting charged for extra baggage at the airport or not wearing half of the clothing you brought.  To avoid over (or under packing), here is a quick list of 5 Packing Essentials for a Walt Disney World Vacation.

1.  Clothes
Yes, I know, obvious right?  But picking the correct clothing will be essential in planning your trip.  What is the weather like when you arrive?  Hot, Cold, Rainy?  This will determine the type of clothing you need to pack.  Florida can be unpredictable at times, so always have a couple of spare 'what if' items as well.

2.  Important Documents
This may include passports (some airports will start requiring passports to travel domestically as soon as 2020 so check your local laws).  Your driver license, credit cards...you get the idea:)

3.  Toiletries
Well, because no one wants to be stuck without their deodorant in humid weather and have to waste precious vacation time to hunt down essentials.  This may also include shaving cream, razors, etc.
I found this super cute toiletry bag on Amazon:)

4. Camera!!
Please don't forget your camera whether it be a fancy DSLR or your iPhone, you will regret not capturing your vacation memories.  Of course, you can always include the memory maker to your vacation package to ensure you at least get the park included pictures.

5. Magic Bands
Magic Bands are your gateway for everything at Walt Disney World Resort.  It's your key for your room, holds your credit cards to pay for things as well as the keeper of your FastPass info.  This is imperative for a successful and stress free experience.

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